The Perfect Jacket For Spring

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

It recently occurred to me that I would really like to post some more fashion-themed items on my blog - although, I must admit that I'm not the most natural when it comes to posing for photos, so this may be a little tricky. However, I did feel very keen to tell you all about a lovely new jacket that I purchased some time back, which is simply perfect for the spring months... and whilst out and about a few weeks ago, I actually managed to get some pictures of it, enabling me to finally write about it!

Two New Record Purchases

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

I have been trying to cut back a bit on my record purchases this year, after buying a heck of a lot last year. Therefore, over the past few months I haven't really had many vinyl-related things to share with you - although, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, I have recently treated myself to a couple of LP's, both of which I am very excited to talk a little about...

The La's - 'The La's'

Now we are in the midst of Spring, it is always rather lovely to put an upbeat album on my turntable. Therefore when I visited Manchester a few weeks ago (you can find out a bit more about my trip HERE), and walked into Piccadilly Records to see 'The La's' staring straight back at me, I knew I had to make the purchase owing to how this album always seems to put me in such a good mood. What's more, I must also at this point recommend a visit to Piccadilly Records if you are in the Northern Quarter area of Manchester - it is such a cool independent store, which features such a large range of indie and rock records that you definitely wouldn't come out empty handed!

Anyway, 'The La's' debut (and only) album is honestly the perfect LP to listen to on a sunny day, and if you have ever heard this band's most famous song, 'There She Goes' you will probably get what I mean - and because of this, I am now very happy to have it as part of my collection.

Favourite Songs - 'There She Goes', 'Way Out', 'Timeless Melody'

The Strokes - 'Is This It'

You may or may not have been aware that it was in fact Record Store Day a few weekends ago. For the big occasion, I even ventured into Birmingham in order to go to a couple of record shops and see if I could get my hands on one of the special releases - however, when I got to the stores, I was greeted with absolutely massive queues that I honestly just couldn't be bothered to wait in! I do love supporting independent record shops (as you can see from my trip to Piccadilly Records in Manchester to purchases 'The La's), but on this occasion I ended up just going to HMV to treat myself to The Strokes' debut album.

This particular album has been on my wishlist for a very long time, and so it does seem rather apt that I finally bought it on Record Store Day. I feel like most people probably know the most famous single off this album, 'Last Nite', but the rest of this LP is also incredibly good and follows the same sort of cool, indie-rock sound of the aforementioned song - so is definitely worth a listen!

Favourite Songs - 'Last Nite' (obviously), 'Hard to Explain', 'New York City Cops'

Despite saying that I was going to cut back on my vinyl spending earlier in the year, I cannot say that I feel the slightest bit guilty for purchasing either of these albums, owing to how fantastic they both are... although, I may need to restrain myself when I go into record shops for the next couple of months, and focus on buying things such as holiday clothes instead!

Olivia xo

Silky Skin...Courtesy of REN's Smart Serum

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

What with my summer holiday only being a few months away now, it recently occurred to me that I really need to up my skin game in order to prepare it for a week and a half of bikini wearing! I do suffer with quite dry skin, and what's more my legs are a particularly problematic area  - therefore, when one of my favourite skincare brands, REN, announced the release of their Smart Renewal Body Serum, I became pretty intrigued.

The Claims of the Product - Upon reading about this product, I did find myself feeling rather impressed... It is supposed to help improve the skin texture through gently exfoliating, as well as also moisturising the skin and protecting it through the use of probiotics - all of which seem like pretty great things to me!

My Experience so far - By now, I have been using this product every couple of days for a few weeks, and must say that I am reasonably impressed so far. To apply, you simply rub the serum into your skin after washing and due to it's light consistency it ultimately leaves you feeling very refreshed - plus, it's scent is a gorgeous orange, which really matches the summery vibes that it's bottle radiates!

When I first put a dollop of this product into my hand, I wasn't all that sure how much of a good moisturiser it would be due to it not being very creamy; yet, I have really been proved wrong in terms of this, as after applying my skin does feel rather lovely for the 24 hours until I shower again. However, I would say that it is still early days to see an improvement in my skin texture - although, my legs have certainly been feeling a lot smoother which has made them a lot easier to shave, meaning that the exfoliation claims of the product are definitely showing through.

Hopefully though, over the next few months the Smart Renewal Body Serum will keep on helping my skin to become a lot healthier before my summer holiday... so far, it has definitely seemed to leave me feeling very fresh, and the wonderful smell of it alone is a big enough incentive to keep on using it!

Olivia xo

This post was sponsored by REN Skincare.
You can find the REN Clean Skincare AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum (200ml Bottle) HERE.

Recently Read

Sunday, 22 April 2018

I absolutely love reading, and have recently made it my goal to try and get through more books. This can sometimes seem a little difficult when you have a busy life, but I have found that picking up a novel instead of going on my phone or watching the TV has been rather rewarding - and it has also enabled me to read a fair few books recently, some of which I will now talk a little about...

The Catcher In The Rye - by J.D Salinger

I had heard so many good things about this book that I was desperate to finally give it a read, and so when I saw it at WHSmiths in the airport before my recent holiday, I knew that it would perfect to take with me.

A whole host of people have said that they've loved this book so much that they read it in one sitting - although I would never personally be able to do that with any book, I did manage to get through it in a couple of days which I think is pretty good going. In any case, The Catcher In The Rye is definitely page turner, and I really enjoyed it's coming-of-age theme wherein we follow the character of Holden Caulfield through many trials and tribulations.

Keeping it Casual with Converse

Sunday, 15 April 2018

For some time, I have known that I need to add some new trainers to my shoe collection, considering that my other pairs have been worn a lot (and I mean, a lot), and are now looking pretty trashed. However, deciding on which trainers to purchase is always a bit of a nightmare, considering that the range of brands and style is so vast - yet, after a bit of a search for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, I did feel quite keen on getting some Converse High Tops, and so was pretty happy when I found some in my size.

I never normally opt for high tops when I buy new footwear, and usually just go for the basic low trainer style. However, recently I have really been fancying a bit of a change from that and after seeing high tops being worn in such a cool ways and with very nice outfits via social media, it definitely seemed like the right time for me to add some to my collection too.What's more, I also decided on getting them in black because of the sheer practicality of the colour - firstly, black high tops are pretty iconic, secondly they will definitely pair well with so many outfits that I own, and thirdly the dark colour won't perhaps attract so much dirt as lighter ones might.

At a price of £55, I do always see the purchase of Converse as an investment as I know from past experience that they are comfy shoes that seem to last forever (and also always come up looking as good as new after a quick whirl in the washing machine). I have got to the stage now where I would much rather pay that bit more for a pair of decent shoes, with the knowledge that they will last me years, than go for the cheaper option - and so far, I have been mightily impressed with these shoes as despite my apprehensions they haven't been all too difficult to break-in, and have actually been perfect to cope with the miles that I tend to walk.

It has been a bit of a change for me to wear a more causal style of footwear, owing to how I am so prone to putting on a pair of my rather smart Dr Martens... Despite this though, I am loving my new high tops and can't wait to pair them with everything from culottes to shirt dresses over the next few months.

Olivia xo

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