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Sunday, 18 February 2018

I always love trying out new skincare products, because with having somewhat temperamental skin means that it's good to see which different brands and products work well for me.
Therefore, I again found myself super excited upon receiving some lovely items from both BRYT skincare & REN... although I will first tell you all a little about my products from BRYT, considering that I had previously never tried anything from said brand before! 

 I had never actually heard of BRYT beforehand, but a quick browse of their site and products definitely intrigued me, especially when I found out that all of the products are cruelty-free (and have a PETA seal of approval) and vegan...

Foaming Facial Cleanser - the 'foam' element of this cleanser makes it very different from the usual type of makeup remover that I use, as I do normally opt for a micellar water. Whilst I have discovered that this product is incredibly thorough at removing my makeup, it is still taking me a while to get used to it's consistency - although I'm sure I will grow to love it more and more as time passes.

Calm Serum - this product was quite possibly the one that intrigued me the most, owing to it's claims to help regulate oily to combination skin. My skin is most definitely combination due to both the oily and dry patches that appear, and therefore it is really nice to own an item that is helping to even this issue out.

Day & Night Moisturisers - my skin is really quite prone to getting dry, and so moisturisers are a key part of my skincare routine. Therefore, having both a day and night moisturiser to apply has definitely been helpful for my skin, especially considering how light and refreshing these two products feel.

(As well as loving trying out my new products from BRYT skincare, I must also add how much I love their packaging! The bright colours on all of the boxes and bottles definitely help the items to stand out, which only adds to their appeal ever more.)

On to my new product from REN skincare now though - I have actually typed up several posts REN in the past, and have simply loved trying out a vast array of their products, hence why I felt so happy to receive another of their new items recently...

The Ready Steady Glow Tonic immediately reminded me of my much loved Pixi Glow Tonic, which I had actually just about ran out of. Therefore, instead of going out and buying some more of the Pixi product, I thought that trying out a similar exfoliator by REN would definitely be a very good idea.

So far, I have been rather impressed with this product too - helping to brighten your skin through gently exfoliating, I must say that my skin has been feeling so much more refreshed after using this product and because of this, I really can't wait to see how it helps my skin in the long term.

As you can probably tell from the contents of this post, I am pretty passionate about my skincare, and feel very lucky to be able to try out lots of new products, and tell you all about them with the hope of you finding something might be useful too!

Olivia xo

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Some Birthday Presents

Sunday, 11 February 2018

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it was my birthday very recently! It was actually quite a special birthday considering that I turned 18, and so I felt quite keen to share a few of the presents that I received with you all...

Visiting London...

Sunday, 4 February 2018

I have been lucky enough to visit London on quite a few different occasions, and on every trip there I try to see something different. Of course, London is a massive city and so on my visit there last weekend, I managed to see some sights and areas that I had yet to go to beforehand....

The reason for this trip to London happened to be my Birthday, so we decided to spend the whole weekend away and stayed in St Albans (therefore, we could have a look around there one day and then get the train into London on the other). 

Some time back we had decided that we were going to pay a visit to Churchill's War Rooms, owing to the fact that me and my family enjoy history, and also because we hadn't actually ever been there before. So, after the getting the train to St Pancreas, we jumped on the tube to Embankment and had a little walk around Whitehall up to where the museum is...

En route, I managed to find lots of lovely buildings to take some photos of (as you can probably tell), and also a quite enough area to attempt to take some outfit photos too. The museum itself was also super interesting - we spent a good couple of hours having a browse around it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys learning about history, and especially the history of World War Two.

Top - Stradivarius
Coat - M&S (no longer available)
Bag - M&S

A Repurchase - Smashbox Mascara

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Every so often, I seem to come across a particular beauty product that I really really love, and for me in 2017 that product was almost certainly the Smashbox 'Full Exposure' Mascara...

I have tried out a lot of very good mascaras in recent years, but this particular one really seemed to stand out to me - it's rather large brush means that it is perfect at making my lashes look longer and bolder, whilst the good quality of the product means that it always applies in a smooth, non-clumpy way. Therefore, when Christmas came around, I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to ask for this mascara as one of my presents, so that I could indulge in using it throughout 2018 as well!

Being a Smashbox mascara, this product possibly might seem a little expensive to some people; for £20, I know that you can almost certainly pick up good drugstore mascaras for half the price, but from my experience mascaras are one thing that I do like to spend a little bit more on. In the case of the 'Full Exposure', my original bottle is only just beginning to run out after around a year of use and I do certainly think that the good application and quality of the product make it a worthwhile purchase!

My newest bottle of the product actually came featured in a set along with an eyeliner and also an eyelash primer, which altogether cost £20 too (so a very good offer considering that the mascara alone would have cost that same price anyway). Whilst being the exact same mascara that I love, this version of the 'Full Exposure' features a rather cool design on the packaging in comparison to it's usual plain black bottle - and, whilst so far I have only really been using the mascara featured in the set, I am quite intrigued by the other two products featured considering that my fondness towards Smashbox products also gives me high hopes for them.

It's quite a rarity that I will go out and repurchase, or ask for a makeup product multiple times, but with this Smashbox mascara, it really does feel pretty good to have another new bottle within my collection... seeing as I use it so frequently, it would be quite gutting to run out of the stuff!

Olivia xo

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Makeup Essentials By Wonderland

Sunday, 28 January 2018

It's easy enough for me to venture into my nearest Boots store to purchase new makeup, but sometimes it is really quite satisfying to try beauty products from a newer, and smaller brand...

Therefore, testing out three essential products from Wonderland seemed like a fantastic opportunity to me - made in England and also cruelty-free, I really couldn't wait to get my hands on my new products and give them all a go.

  Studio Finish Primer - to me, using a primer is definitely an essential part of my makeup routine, and as I normally just opt to use the Benefit Professional, I was very much intrigued to try one by Wonderland. Even by just testing a small blob of this primer on my hand, I could tell that I was really going to love it as it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth - and this was pretty much the case when I applied it to my face too, as it created a lovely soft surface for my foundation to go onto which helped it stay nice and even throughout the day!

Lash Lengthening Mascara - I have also been pleasantly surprised with how much I love my new mascara, because upon opening it up I was unsure whether I would like using the thin brush, as I normally quite like the fuller brushes that mascaras such as the Smashbox Full Exposure have to offer. However, my Wonderland mascara has so far proved that it can still leave me with fuller looking lashes, and its thinner brush does mean that no lash gets left untouched.

Loose Pigment (in the shade Blackstar) -  for me, loose pigment isn't really something that I ever go out and buy, so this was a pretty good opportunity to finally experiment with using it. It is definitely a lot easier to use than I ever thought it would be, and over the past couple of weeks I have popped some of it on as eyeshadow on a few occasions - a sort of dark plum colour, this shade of pigment is really perfect for using in the winter months, and I can imagine that it looks pretty cool when paired with a dark lip too.

I am certainly rather impressed with my new products, and if you would also like to have an explore of the Wonderland website (HERE) and perhaps try and few bits and bobs for yourself, then you can use the discount code Bloglife15 to receive 15% off the entire site!

Olivia xo

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